Dylan Furst - Twin Lakes adventure

Trying to get to Twin Lakes

Growing up in Bellingham, WA, I’ve been lucky enough to say Mt. Baker is in my backyard. While it’s been one of the worst snow seasons in years, I heard the possibility of snow in the forecast and I definitely didn’t want to miss out.
Dylan Furst - Twin Lakes adventure
I drove up east route 542, otherwise known as the Mt. Baker highway on my mission to find snow. Just before the last climb to the ski area I turned off onto a forest road called Twin Lakes road, a very steep and windy road that has little room for error. There wasn’t any snow but I found a good spot to pull off for the night. The road sees very little traffic so it’s no problem to camp just off the road.
I awoke to a light dusting of snow, and not too long after I woke up it really started to come down. I stayed surprisingly warm in the rooftop tent, the fabric does a great job of keeping the heat in and preventing wind from blowing through. I hadn’t yet had the chance to camp in snow so I’m glad I got to put the gear to the test before the little snow there is melts away.
James Baroud rooftop tent in the snow
I decided to keep driving up the road to Twin Lakes. I grew up camping there as a kid and It’s definitely a hidden gem of the Northwest. It has two alpine lakes surrounded by mountain peaks in every direction. It’s a great place to camp, If you can make it to the top that is. Not too long after I began driving the road began to be swallowed by snow and it became too steep and slippery for my car. I’m sure a 4×4 with a little more clearance could make a good run at it, but I wasn’t willing to risk the climb.

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  1. ira April 8, 2015 at 8:54 pm #

    nice trip story. great photos.

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