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There are many aluminum cases out there nowadays. We exclusively sell ZARGES. Why? Simply put, they are the best in the world. Zarges K470 cases are  the original, used by expedition, military and aid organizations on every continent. What’s the difference? Thicker and higher-quality aluminum, welded frames and solid-riveted panels, stainless steel hinges and hardware, quality one-piece continuous moisture and dust seals. These are truly lifetime cases.

These dust-proof, water-resistant, extraordinarily durable cases are ideal for packing and transporting adventure equipment – from kitchen supplies to clothing. They are safe to transport either inside the vehicle or secured externally on a rack.  Founded in 1933, ZARGES is the leading provider of aluminum case solutions world-wide. For over 75 years, ZARGES has offered superior aluminum products, relying on engineering expertise and high quality to deliver unparalleled protective aluminum transit cases.

The ZARGES K470 is ATA 300 approved, lightweight, rugged, water resistant and UN Certified for hazardous goods transport. Whatever you need to protect and wherever it’s going the K470 aluminum case is ready for the task. Standard features of the k470 include: Lid with stainless steel hinge plus two lid straps and foamed continuous seal, cast-aluminum stacking corners, a high level of stability due to 3 fully-welded aluminum profile frames, beading and corner beads for additional dimensional stability, ergonomic & durable comfort handles and snap fasteners.

For a simple table of all available K470 cases, dimensions, and prices CLICK HERE.

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