Columbia River Gorge and North

One thing we love about Washington State is that it has a little bit of everything. There aren’t many places in the country – or in the world – where you can travel from ocean beach to rain forest to desert to alpine wilderness in the space of a few hours.

We recently spent a little under a week exploring the south-central/central part of Washington state with a few friends. Many trails were closed, blocked, or impassible due to a late-season snow storm a week before, but we managed to explore some amazingly scenic areas. Starting out on the Oregon side of the Columbia River we crossed the Bridge of the Gods and landed just outside Stevenson, WA. From there our route took us North along a winding network of trails loosely called the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR). As mentioned, much of the official route was closed so we were forced to backtrack, improvise, and take bypasses many times, and ultimately give the trip up just shy of Lake Chelan due to snow. The trip could no way be called a failure though; all in all it was a great adventure filled with striking photo ops, great camaraderie, fun, and excellent whiskey provided by our friends at Tatoosh Distillery (ironically enough we passed through the Tatoosh range on our trip).

If you’re interested in taking the WABDR route trip but aren’t comfortable tackling it alone, we will be hosting a guided 6-day trip this summer. Email us to sign up or for more information. Details to be posted soon.

Below are select images from the trip.
Camera used: Samsung NX1 with 15-50mm S lens

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