Campsite toast cooking on a Camp Partner Stove

North Cascades Highway

Highway 20, otherwise known as The North Cascades Highway, is one of my favorite spots to photograph. It seems like every corner there is a new waterfall or a great view of the Skagit river. Although the highway is closed for the winter just after Diablo Lake, there is still so much to see. And with free winter camping at some campgrounds along the highway, it makes a great basecamp for getting out for the day to explore the landscape.

North Cascades camping in a rooftop tent

I arrived at Goodell Creek campgound on Friday evening, It was absolutely pouring down rain. I almost regretted my decision to camp, but luckily I came prepared. I began setting up my campsite, the Rhino Rack awning came first so I could shelter myself from the rain. As I was popping up the James Baroud rooftop tent, I had a visitor from the campsite next door. He was so amazed by my set up, he went on and on for about a half hour about how nice the tent was and how handy the awning was. He had converted the inside of his Jeep Wrangler to sleep him and his dog and I could tell he was regretting that decision after seeing my car. I could almost guarantee he will be a future customer.
Campsite toast cooking on a Camp Partner Stove
As I was getting ready to go to sleep I got a text from my friend Forrest (@forrestmankins on IG), asking what I was up to that evening. Forrest is a great guy living his dream, driving around the country in his Landcruiser taking photos, camping almost every night. It’s definitely something I would love to do in the future. I told him what campsite I was at and he decided to make the drive from the Seattle that evening. I fell asleep about 5 minutes later but awoke to his beautiful blue Landcrusier parked right next to my humble Jeep Patriot.
Forrest Mankins #ALifeAlive
It’s great having friends who have similar interests and it seems like everyone you meet while camping during the winter becomes an instant friend. It’s a small community of like minded people sharing the same passion, it makes camping feel just like home.

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  1. ira March 31, 2015 at 5:00 pm #

    awesome. love it. i like how some people are ok with going somewhere spontaneously.

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