Viking Snatch/Tow Kinetic Recovery Rope


Why Choose a Viking Offroad Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope over a strap? The Viking Offroad Tow Ropes stretch 30% at breaking point, making them more effective than straps. The high degree of stretch makes the recovery ropes extremely effective. The point of a recovery rope or snatch strap is to provide stretch in a dynamic pull (opposite is true for winchlines in a static pull). The more stretch the more kinetic energy is built up to help move the vehicle, & the less impact on the vehicle itself.

3/4″ x 30′ )19.1mm x 9m) Recovery Tow Rope – MBS 19,000 lbs. (8.6T)

1″ x 30′ (25mm x 9m) Recovery Tow Rope – MBS 33,500 lbs. (15.2T)

Utilized for heavy P/U trucks, military Hummvees
Made w/ 100% premium double-braided DuPont nylon
Weight: 10 lbs.
Color:  black cordura eye guards, black/orange recovery tow rope
Made in USA

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The Viking Offroad Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope is made from 100% premium DuPont nylon, double-braided. Our ropes are dyed black to minimize discoloration when dirty & to maintain better visibility when used in snow & sand. Eyes are protected w/ heavy-duty nylon guards w/ strength identified.

All Viking ropes are 100% US made: both fiber & assembly. When choosing a Tow Rope size, plan the breaking strength to be approximately 3 times the weight of your vehicle. For larger vehicles this number is closer to the weight of the vehicle. 1″ Recovery Ropes are reserved for Sportsmobiles, Heavy expedition vehicles, Military Hummvees, full size pickups etc.

SAFETY NOTE: Do not use tow ropes or tow straps (kinetic snatch straps etc.) w/ winches. Never connect ropes/straps end-to-end w/ other kinetic ropes/straps, w/ shackles or metal connectors.


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