Nissan Xterra Overland

Nissan Xterra Overland Basics

The Nissan Xterra can make for a great compact overland rig. Just ask our customer who asked us to outfit his truck with some great basics to make getting out on the trail easier, safer, and more comfortable. This is Nissan Xterra Overland, part 1.

We started with a whole bunch of gear from our friends at Shrockworks, including a new front bumper (and added a Warn winch), sliders, and rear bumper with spare tire carrier/swing-out.

Nissan Xterra Overland Build

We then turned our sights to the top of the Xterra and added a stronger roof rack, James Baroud Discovery Space rooftop tent, and Sunseeker 2.0 awning from Rhino-Rack.

Nissan Xterra James Baroud Discovery Space rooftop tent

To carry all that added weight (and give a little extra lift to fit some larger tires) we installed a full OME suspension kit (heavy) all the way around, including new front strut assemblies, rear leaf springs with added leaf, and rear extended-travel shocks.

Nissan Xterra Shrockworks bumper and winch

Recent trip reports have had our customer taking his Nissan Xterra Overland all over the Western US, including a recent trek through remote areas of Colorado.

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    What tire swing is that?

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