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A Life Alive – Colorado (part V)

After the drive from Alaska to the States, I swear it felt like the entire country was all my big back yard. Just the thought that I was no more than a couple days drive from home gave me a good feeling. It had been a very, very long trip – living out of your truck is great, but there’s something very inviting about your own bed in a your own home. After dropping Jordann off at the Denver airport to head back home I went south to the central part of the state for just a little more camping before returning to Oklahoma.

Forrest Mankins - Rooftop Tent camping

My family actually goes to Colorado each summer to camp for two weeks, so I know the area pretty well already. But having the rooftop tent and awning made things a little more exciting, and accessible…and comfortable. Normally Colorado’s weather is a a relief coming from Oklahoma – a bit cooler and bit less dusty. But this time, having spent the winter outside in the northern country, I was burning up. But once the ARB rooftop tent I opened all the windows and got great airflow, and the screens kept the bugs out very well.

Rooftop Tent camping

Spending these last few days relaxing before the trek home really helped recharge my batteries, and helped me re-acclimate to the “South”. Also, for the first time in a very long while, I spent more than one full day out of the driver’s seat.

View from the rooftop tent

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