Land Cruiser 200-Series Overland Build

Chris W.’s Land Cruiser 200 Series Overland Build

When we met Chris at Northwest Overland Rally, he approached us with an idea he had to turn his Land Cruiser 200 Series into the ultimate overland build from the ground up. He wanted something practical and reliable to head out on extended adventures with his family.

The Land Cruiser has reached legendary status amongst the overland community, and the Land Cruiser 200 Series (2008+) is becoming an increasingly popular overland build platform. It’s a perfect blend of comfort, reliability, and with a little help, off-road prowess.

Adventure Ready’s approach to any overland build is reminiscent of what the Land Cruiser stands for itself – practical, reliable, and functional. Every product we chose has a dedicated purpose and are products we have chosen to wholeheartedly support (after years and years of learning the hard way).

Complete, Top-of-the-Line, Ultimate Overland Truck Built from the Ground Up.

Overland Build Specs:

Overland Accessories:


True Overland Builds for Uncommon Adventures

At Adventure Ready, we pride ourselves on building true overland builds and our shop is truly curated – we do not sell or install anything we do not use ourselves and feel fully comfortable standing behind. Not all products meet our standards, so when you work with us as your custom overland vehicle builder, you can be sure that you’ll be truly ready for adventure.











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  1. Lee May 15, 2019 at 3:26 pm #

    That’s a bad ass Cruiser CKW!!! Enjoy

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