Chevy Suburbans Turned Overland

Perhaps a Chevy Suburban is not what you naturally picture when we say the word “overland.” Perhaps that should change. A few customers have come to us recently looking for additional work for their Suburban, and we couldn’t wait to do some research, given there are not too many products out there currently.

Build 1

We went with a Buckstop Bumper with brush guards and a black hammer powder coated finish for this newer Suburban 1500. This is a reinforced steel bumper with a housing for a winch and a set of two 6in fog lights. The bumper even has a built in access flap with lots of room to access the winch.

We custom fabricated two brackets and fit in a pair of Baja Designs XL-R Sport, Wide Cornering Fog Lights perfectly within the frame of the bumper. We wired these to the factory fog switch to replace the stock fog lights.

We went with a Warn VR12-S Winch with a synthetic line so our customer never has to worry about getting stuck in snow or other inclement terrain. Coming next is some additional lighting and a new Icon Vehicle Dynamics suspension system!

Build 2

Working with a Suburban from the early 2000’s, our customer was looking for a roof rack solution that would be strong enough to hold bikes and a freestanding awning. We got straight to work, custom fabricating brackets so we could mount a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform. Proud to say once again we are the first on fitting these awesome racks to a truck that doesn’t have an official fitment.

We also fit a dual battery system under hood, thanks to the fabrication from MOLE Overland (our new custom fabrication project.) We installed a battery tray to house the auxiliary battery, and mounted an electrical mounting tray for his REDARC BCDC and breakers.

If you have a vehicle which you’re looking to upgrade, give us a call and see what we can do for you!

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  1. Darius Page December 14, 2021 at 4:16 pm #

    I have a 1997 Chevy Suburban.

    I am interested in your custom fabricated brackets to mount a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform.

    Do you sell the brackets?

    Darius Page

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