Chuckanut Drive weekend adventure

Chuckanut Drive is a scenic byway located in Bellingham, WA. The road runs along a cliff, dividing the mountains and the ocean below. With the many forest roads that branch off of Chuckanut, this makes for great viewpoints of Bellingham bay.
ChuckanutSunrise ChuckanutSunset
Exploring my own backyard has been much easier with the gear from Adventure Ready. Having grown up in Bellingham, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded with many forest service roads and endless trails. To park the car for sunset and then to wake up in the James Baroud rooftop tent has made catching the sunrises a whole lot easier. Since attaining the equipment from Uncommon Adventures about a month ago, I have taken the Jeep out somewhere every weekend. The ease of having a fridge in my car along with a nice camping stove has made even my city dwelling girlfriend willing to accompany me on these adventures.

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