Outback Solutions Storage System

Outback Solutions storage system by ARB

This was our first install of this product and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. The fit and finish and modularity (word?) of the system is superb. It’s quite a feat of engineering to make this such a robust but universal system. These components are not yet added to our store, so if you’re interested or have questions please contact us directly in the meantime.

Pictured: Roller floor on driver’s side, drawer with fixed top on passenger side. 80-series fit kit on passenger side (cannot be used – without modification that wasn’t completed here – with the roller floor). Engel MT60 Combi fridge and freezer with insulated transit bag. Added hidden power inverter to cubby on passenger side. Power a blender for backcountry margaritas? Projector for movie night on the beach? The options are endless…

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