Adventure Ready is now the exclusive Pacific Northwest dealer for Alu-Cab


We are very excited to announce that we are now the exclusive dealer for Alu-Cab expedition equipment in the Pacific Northwest. All-Cab is recognized around the world for extreme durability, functional design, and innovative, modular engineering. Click here to see available Alu-Cab products. We will be adding Alu-Cab equipment as we move forward.

More About Alu-Cab:

All-Cab is passionate about delivering high quality, innovative vehicle accessories and conversions. With many years of experience behind them, they have become a leading manufacturer of aluminum canopies, awnings and campers for both commercial and recreational use. Our business came into existence building aluminium canopies for bakkies, hence our name, Alu-Cab. Initially, we specialised in building just canopies but we’ve since added rooftop tents and awnings to our standard products range.

Besides our standard products we’ve also made a name for ourselves with our custom builds, if you can dream it, we can build it! This sees us building overland truck bodies, off-road campers for private and rental customers, and specialised mobile workshops for commercial applications.


Our focus since the very beginning has been products for overlanding (vehicular wilderness travel), this demands that we design and build gear that’s light, strong, durable and functional. Our equipment has to perform in remote regions, in often very harsh conditions.


True to our name, at Alu-Cab we lean towards building most of our products from aluminium. It’s a wonderful metal to work with, it’s strong but very light, it lasts a long time and doesn’t corrode. In many cases our products outlast the vehicle we are building them for. But working with aluminium does require special skills so we boast a number of highly skilled artisans amongst our staff.


Our name is synonymous with quality and great workmanship. We pride ourselves on training our staff with the right level of skills to ensure we bring the best possible product to market. We offer a five year warranty on our workmanship and, unless we can see the product has been abused, we are happy to repair or replace, no questions asked.


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