Outback Solutions Drawers


The Outback Solutions Drawer System from ARB consists of eleven drawer units across three styles. This system is completely modular, providing flexibility to change, rearrange or add modules and accessories over time. The drawers are supplied as single units, but can be stacked, installed side-by-side, or a combination of the two. When stacked or side-by-side, the two units are bolted together ensuring adequate support for the entire system.

Outback Solutions drawers arb_drawers_4 arb_drawers_3

The Drawer is a single unit with a fixed top. The Drawer with Roller Floor is the same drawer, but the top rolls out. The Roller Floor unit is a 5.51″ tall drawer that allows for lower mounting in the vehicle. It contains a shallow drawer for storage and a slide out top for mounting a fridge or similar appliance.

outbacksolutionsdrawers-1 outbacksolutionsdrawers-2 Outback Solutions Drawer System

Outback Solutions drawers’ chassis are constructed from galvanized steel. The drawer utilizes a system of sealed roller bearings to provide smooth action, even when loaded to the 220lb capacity (per drawer). The drawers use a custom made lockable latch to keep the units securely closed and a system of rubber stoppers lock the drawer down in the closed position to ensure a rattle free operation. All drawer units are upholstered inside and out with UV-resistant material for years of worry-free use.

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