Details & Application

Each sponsorship recipient’s package will differ, including some or all of the following equipment:

  • Rooftop or ground tent
  • Roof rack with awning
  • Portable fridge/freezer
  • Camp Partner propane stove
  • Zarges aluminum transport case
  • Bad Bags adventure duffel, custom embroidered
  • Recognition and promotion on the Adventure Ready website and social media, including links to adventurer’s personal website and social media accounts (if desired)
  • A personal discount code for 25% any items from our shop for a period of 3 years.

Professional installation of all equipment in/on your adventure vehicle (and uninstallation at end of sponsorship term as applicable) is included. At the end of the sponsorship term each recipient will keep their Bad Bags duffel (and other equipment as applicable).

Criteria considered in determining sponsorships (in no particular order):

  • Social Media presence/exposure
  • Based in the Pacific Northwest region
  • Quality of imagery and/or posts
  • Likelihood of recipient to make the most use of equipment provided
  • Ability to fulfill sponsorship obligations (see below)

Sponsorship obligations (quantity will vary by sponsorship):

  • Blog posts each month on the Adventure Ready website, including update on adventures and equipment use
  • Mentions on Instagram, including @Adventure.Ready and/or other designated tags
  • Promotional use rights granted to Adventure Ready for select images related to sponsorship, taken during sponsorship term. Images will be used for promotion only and will be credited when used. ADVENTURE READY WILL NOT MONETIZE YOUR IMAGES. That means we promise not to redistribute them to any third-party user, sell them as prints, or otherwise capitalize on them without your express permission.

If you’d like to be considered for one of our Uncommon Adventurers sponsorships please complete the application form below.

Please understand that due to the number of applications we are receiving on a regular basis we cannot reply to everyone. If we think you’d be a great fit we will follow up with you. Cheers.

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