Baby crab at the Pacific Ocean

Summer family car camping wrap-up

Today is the last day of summer, and as such it’s finally time to admit it – the weather is turning. We had the best summer on record here in the Seattle area and it made for some great family adventures. You really start to appreciate the process and not just the result when you’re keeping track of a 2.5 year old who’s seeing and experiencing all of these new things for the very first time. Sure an all-day hike is now more like three hours and you only cover 2 miles, but chasing butterflies and touching the furry moss-covered cedars (and noting all the little bugs creepy-crawling) is an adventure unto itself. And a good one!

With the new company we were a little busier than summers past but still got out for several long weekend car camping trips at different spots along the Washington coast – up and down the Olympic Penninsula and back and forth between the San Juan Islands. While not the backcountry travel we’re used to, family glamping at the beach is definitely chock full of smiles. And our campsites inevitably ended up as social hotspots with our rooftop tents and awnings attracting the attention of envious ground dwellers all over the campground. There was no shortage of visitors to our  s’mores roasting parties either. :)

Below is a collection of my favorite images from the summer (selected from hundreds – maybe thousands – we took) . Please feel free to comment and send us some of your pictures as well via email or Facebook – we’d love to re-share/tweet them!

Cameras used: Fuji X100S, Sigma DP2 Merrill

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