Tailgate Cutting Board for Toyota Landcruiser


No more messed up carpet, no more pain when kneeling on the tailgate. This Tailgate cutting board is a great solution for a multiple use platform that replaces your OEM carpet. FDA-approved, HDPE cutting board – easy to clean with a full perimeter juice groove, this custom-built cutting board mounts quickly and easily to the tailgate of your 80 or 100 series LandCruiser. This is possibly the most useful upgrade you can make to your overland built truck!


  • FDA-Approved 1/2″ thick, HDPE Food Grade Plastic
  • (2) Cup Holders
  • Easy to clean with disinfectant wipes. 
  • Juice Groove Runs 100% of Perimeter
  • Easy to install, mounting hardware included. 
  • Adventure Ready logo mounted into the board. 

Currently available for 80-series and 100-series Toyota Landcruisers. UP NEXT: 2nd and 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma – email to preorder!

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Designed and produced exclusively for Adventure Ready, the tailgate cutting board take about 5 minutes to install and are incredibly useful. Logo is embedded in driver’s side, two drink holders in the passenger side. Drip groove around cutting area for catching juice, keeping your truck and campsite clean. Just wipe clean with disinfecting wipes before and after each use.

Hardware Included, easy to mount:

  1. Remove OEM Carpet pad on tailgate. 
  2. Clean surface (optional- put a coat of wax on tailgate interior surface.)
  3. Clamp Cutting board onto Tailgate (make sure to leave enough room for tailgate to close). We recommend putting the edge of the back edge of the cutting board flush with the back end of the tailgate lip. 
  4. Mark through the cutting board to locate the mounting holes you will need to drill. Ensure your board does not move or slip during this process. 
  5. Unclamp board and double check all marks are visible and lined up according to the holes in the board. 
  6. Using a 1/8″ bit, drill pilot holes int the tailgate.  If you find that the 1/8″ hole is too tight, then use a 9/64″ bit. But remember, it is easier to enlarge the hole rather than try to shrink the hole you just drilled. 
  7. Clear away all drill filings and place board on tailgate and visualize the holes in the board line up with the holes you just drilled. 
  8. Screw down board by starting all 8 screws first and then tighten down each screw alternating sides. 

Additional information

Shipping Weight15 lbs
Shipping Dimensions60 × 20 × 2 in
Select Landcruiser Model

80-Series (1990-97), 100-series (1998-2007)



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