RLD GhostAwn 360 Awning


The new RLD GhostAwn 360 is the only true 360-degree awning in the world, and is completely self-supporting, making it one of the simplest and fastest awnings to deploy and use as well. Completely UV-resistent, waterproof, lightweight, and wind-tested, the GhostAwn 360 is a game changer when it comes to shade and protection from the elements.



The new RLD GhostAwn 360 self-supporting, free-standing awning is a revolutionary new product providing an unparalleled amount of shade and protection from the elements. Completely self-supporting, the GhostAwn 360 awning is the fastest and easiest awning in the world to set up and pack away and is the only awning of it’s type in the world.

With it’s unique design, the GhostAwn 360 does not require vertical support poles of any kind and does not even require guy lines to be staked down unless winds exceed 15mph! The built-in guy lines are fast and easy to deploy when necessary, and the awning comes with spring-loaded stakes to provide the most secure and safe retention of the awning in inclement weather.

The frame and horizontal support arms of the awning are made of reinforced Aluminum and the unique awning fabric is a heavy duty aluminum-laminated polyester which is lightweight, completely waterproof, and UV-reflective, keeping the underside (and you) cool when the sun is beating down.

Because of it’s unique design there is no need to select a right or left side awning – the GhostAwn 360 can be mounted on either side and comes with mounting brackets to work with the RLD Platform Rack, the Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform, and the FrontRunner awning mounts for the Slimline platforms.

Additional information

Shipping Weight65 lbs
Shipping Dimensions96 × 9 × 11 in


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