REDARC Dual Sense Dual Battery Isolator With Smart Start – 200A, 12V (SBI-212D)


The Dual Sensing Smart Start® SBI212D is a more powerful version of the SBI12D, rated at 200 amps continuous and 600 amps inrush.

The SBI212D is a microprocessor-controlled dual battery isolator that monitors both the start battery and the auxiliary simultaneously. If the unit detects that either battery has exceeded 13.2V the isolator will automatically connect both batteries so they will charge. When the sensor detects either battery dropping below 12.7V the batteries with be disconnected, ensuring you don’t inadvertently drain your starting battery running accessories from your auxiliary (house) battery. The benefit of the dual control enables the user to charge both batteries in either direction; connecting solar panel system or electric battery charger to either battery will provide charge to both batteries, replenishing drain from use at camp or while stopped.

Smart Start features allows you to manually override the isolator via a dash-mounted switch (not included) to link both batteries for added power on cold starts, during winching, etc. Offers option to install warning and indication LED via included wiring (LED not included).


  • NEW Overmould design
  • Compact in size and easy to install
  • Silver contacts for longer life
  • Power saving technology
  • Fault indication
  • Fully surge protected

Option: Add Circuit Breakers

You will need two 200 amp-rated breakers or fuses (with holders) when installing this component. Circuit breakers are the preferred method of installation.




  • Dimensions (mm): 90 L x 95 W x 100 H
  • Weight (kg): 0.6
  • Voltage System: 12 Volt
  • Off Volts: 12.7V
  • On Volts: 13.2V
  • Max Cont. Amps: 200 Amps
  • Max Inrush Amps: 600 Amps

Additional information

Shipping Weight1 lbs
Shipping Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in



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