Kodiak Canvas Tent Repair Kit


Got a hole in your tent? No problem. Patch it up with this handy patch kit. Includes 36 patches, a 2 oz. bottle of fabric glue (Tear Mender), and repair instructions. You get four patches of each size and color (36 total). Sizes: 1.5, 2, and 3.5 inches. Colors: Tan, brown, and natural. Repair kit color and canvas match current production tent color and fabric.

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The adhesive glue is a natural latex that can be applied with your fingers. It is quick drying, waterproof, uv resistant, flexible, and permanent. A great solution for holes under 2 inches in diameter. For repairs larger than that, you should take it to a local canvas shop for repair

Please be aware that dye lots vary, and some fading will occur to fabrics exposed to sunlight, so your patch kit be a shade off.

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