James Baroud Nomad 160 Rooftop Tent


The Nomad 160 is one of the strongest folding tents on the market due to an aluminum frame with large-diameter poles that make up the ”skeleton” of the tent and a strong sealed wooden base for added insulation. Access to the tent is gained under a covered entrance that is simple and faster to set up than any other folding tent on the market. Two telescoping legs support the tent allowing the ladder to be removed and taken inside the tent for security purposes.  As with the Horizon Vision, the Nomad 160 requires no rain fly as the tent’s aluminized  fabric is already waterproof. Closing of the tent is easy thanks to elastic banding built into the canvas that keep it retracted as it is closing. The protective travel cover is a zipperless design that instead utilizes an elastic cord, making set up and packing quick and easy, especially in cold, wet climates.

Width: 62″
Length Closed: 43″ / Length Open: 86″
Height Closed: 11″ / Height Open: 45″
Weight: 95 lbs.

**PLEASE NOTE** Due to overwhelming demand there may be up to a 4-week wait for some James Baroud products. Orders will be fulfilled based on “first come, first served” basis. Please call for current product availability

Isothermic Barrier Kit

Add another layer of insulation to your tent for dramatic temperature increase in cold climates.

Annex Enclosure

Enclose the entrance area of the tent creating a covered room for changing, storage, or protection from the elements.

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James Baroud Nomad 160 Features

  • Light grey canvas, made of 6 aluminized coats that reflect the sun’s rays.
  • No additional rain fly – the tent material is completely waterproof, but still breathable.
  • Tent fabric is UV resistant and will not fade or degrade over time.
  • All seams are doubled  and 100% liquid waterproofed.
  • Two doors with insect screening are closed by zippers and velcro.
  • Four additional large windows with exterior insect screens.
  • Two interior storage pockets.
  • The mattress is made of high density foam protected by a zipped cover for easy removal and cleaning.

Opening and Closing
To open the James Baroud Nomad 160 simply remove the cover, release the securing straps and use the supporting legs as a lever to unfold the tent. Closing the tent is just as simple, and the canvas has built-in rubber bands which help keep the tent fabric retracted while closing.

The Fabric
We guarantee you won’t find a better fabric on any roof top tent. All of our tents utilize aluminized polyester with an acrylic coating which is 100% waterproof, breathable, UV resistant, non-perishable, and reflects the sun’s rays. This means it will stand up for years of use without issue. All openings feature mosquito netting, quality metal zippers, added velcro fastening. The Nomad 160 also features four removal interior storage pockets.

The James Baroud Nomad 160 features two canvas doors with insect screens. These are closed by zippered sides and secured with velcro at the bottom. There are also four large windows with built-in rain covers which allow exceptional airflow.

3 Years


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