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The James Baroud Grand Raid roof top tent is the premium model in the James Baroud lineup, featuring added width and length for more sleeping space (up to three adults comfortably). The Grand Raid has a large door on either side and a huge rear window on the back for an unobstructed view. The additional front window with weather protection creates excellent cross ventilation allowing air to freely circulate throughout the tent. All openings are fully screened for insects, have Velcro-secured flaps for privacy, and small built-in awnings to protect from the rain, even while  the windows are open. A solar powered fan is fitted with reversible blades, converting the fan into an extractor to help avoid any condensation that may build up in the tent. A luggage rack is integrated into top hull for added storage and includes loading blockers and 6 anchor points for securing your cargo. With room to spare, expansive additional exterior storage, and luxurious comfort, the Grand Raid breaks new ground in hard-shelled, roof top tent design.

All James Baroud roof top tents fit to the roof bars of most vehicles and can be removed and stored when not needed and hardshell tents are covered by a 5 year guarantee on the fabric, hull and mechanism.

M Size Width: 55″
M Size Length: 78″
XL Width: 63.75″
XL Length: 89″
Height Closed: 13.20″
Height Open: 40″

**PLEASE NOTE** Due to overwhelming demand there may be up to a 4-week wait for some James Baroud products. Orders will be fulfilled based on “first come, first served” basis. Please call for current product availability


Isothermic Barrier Kit

Add another layer of insulation to your tent for dramatic temperature increase in cold climates. Can be installed or removed at any time. Does not require removal to close tent.

James Baroud Comfort Pad

The comfort pad is beneficial in two ways. The first is that it provides a firm cushion between the mattress and the bottom of the tent, allowing extra cushioning. The second benefit is it increases ventilation between the mattress and the bottom of the tent, allowing air to act as an insulator to reduce condensation.

James Baroud Adventure Shoe Bag

The James Baroud Adventure Bag/Shoe Bag is a great storage solution, mounting to the side of the ladder for quick access to your shoes for getting in and out of the tent. It even turns into a backpack for small hikes.

James Baroud Universal Tablet Holder

A perfect add-on for your James Baroud RTT, the Tablet Holder offers a simple solution to mount your iPad or Tablet for all the movie-watching your heart desires.

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The James Baroud Grand Raid Hard Shell
The hard shell of the Grand Raid rooftop tent is manufactured in fiberglass fortified polyester and the bottom has provisions to hold the aluminum ladder. The Grand Raid has a built-in storage tray on the rear upper shell with 6 tie-down points to secure your gear. It is designed to hold up to 65 lbs. and the rear struts are more powerful to accommodate raising and sustaining this added weight – meaning you don’t have to unload your equipment to raise the tent!
Please note that the rear of the tent requires slightly more force to close if no gear is stowed above.

Automatic Opening & Closing
We promise you that not only is there no other tent that opens as easily and as quickly on the market today – but closes as well. Opening the tent is automatic and nearly effortless thanks two AL-KO struts that opens the tent automatically in 5 seconds. All you have to do is release the catches!

Closing the James Baroud Grand Raid is nearly as easy – just close the top half of the shell and by hand and the fabric sides are automatically drawn into the hull by the elasticized seam. Secure the latches and you’re done. All in all – it takes only a couple of minutes to completely close and latch the top shell to the bottom and you’re ready to continue down the trail!

Durability & Weatherproof
No one wants to be caught in a storm while in a rooftop tent. Combine heavy rain with high winds – it makes even the toughest adventurers cringe. While we hope you never find yourself in the situation, you can sleep in confidence knowing that James Baroud tents are waterproof and tested up to 74mph (120Km/hr).

The Canvas
The canvas is dark gray made of six (6) aluminized coats that reflect the sun’s ray. This is critical as in warmer climates a rooftop tent without the ability to reflect heat and air ventilation will turn into an oven. The canvas is also UV resistant, 100% waterproof but allows air to circulate to resist mildew – a common occurrence with other materials in wet climates. All seams are doubled for the utmost ruggedness and are 100% watertight.

The inside of the canvas includes two removable pockets and a storage net on the ceiling. Three zipped canvas doors with a double slider are fitted with insect screens to keep those pesky bugs out. A window with an insect screen is integrated to the back door with an eave to protect from rain.

The Mattress
The mattress is made from a high density foam and comes with a heavy duty zipped cover.  

The James Baroud Grand Raid comes with a high intensity LED indoor light which doubles as a removable rechargeable flashlight. All wiring is supplied with the tent. The flashlight has an unbreakable polycarbonate lens and a battery charge indicator.

If you’ve owned a rooftop tent or known someone who has, you know how hot a rooftop tent can get. You also know how one that stays on the roof may develop a mildew smell. Standard with James Baroud tents, it comes with an automatic and silent MCV (motorized controlled ventilation) which is powered by a 24 hour life battery which can be recharged by an integrated solar panel kit. This MCV has the capacity of 11.6 M3/mn (2905 UK gal/mn) and prevent all condensation and remove stored heat to avoid moisture and mold.

5 Years

Please contact us with any questions!

Additional information

Shipping Weight220 lbs
Shipping Dimensions91 × 66 × 14 in


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