James Baroud Falcon 270 Awning


Introducing the James Baroud Falcon 270 Awning, a 270-degree self-supporting awning with an integrated tunnel pass through to your James Baroud tent. The new, completely unique design offers the most coverage of any other wrap-around awning on the market! Reinforced aluminum and stainless steel construction.  Includes vertical support poles and guy lines for windy conditions.

Available enclosure options include fully-screened net room and/or wrap-around sidewalls.

The Falcon 270 Awning is currently only available as a driver side mount.

James Baroud Tunnel Attachment

The tunnel attachment allows you to completely enclose the entrance to your James Baroud tent allowing you to enter and exit your tent protected from the elements.

Falcon 270 Awning Enclosure Options

There are two enclosure options for the Falcon 270 Awning. The Net Room provides a completely enclosed bug-proof area around the ladder entry section. The wrap-around sidewalls form a giant room around the entire perimeter of the awning, but do not fully seal the space (is weather-proof but not insect proof). Both enclosure options can be used together or separately, depending on your needs.




  • James Baroud Falcon 270 Awning
  • Mounting Bracket Kit
  • Support Poles
  • Guy Lines & Stakes


  • James Baroud Falcon 270 Awning
  • James Baroud Falcon 270 Awning Net Room
  • Falcon 270 Wrap-Around Sidewalls


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