Flexopower Atacama 79 Foldable Solar Kit


The Flexopower Atacama 79 is the most powerful single solar panel made by Flexopower, combining US thin film technology and proven durability in the African wilderness.

Providing 79W of solar power. Daisy chain up to 25 units for more power. This product is in use by solar campers, overlanders, geologists, first responders world wide. Charge deep cycle batteries, DC powered fridges and freezers, LED lights and more. Very durable and extremely powerful, the Atacama-79 has MIL-spec properties and is extensively used by the Defense Forces of South Africa and Namibia.

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The powerful Flexopower Atacama 79 solar panel in a plug and play camping kit makes it easy to become a self-sufficient solar-powered camper or overlander. All items are included to keep the your battery charged, running your DC fridge or freezer, LED lights, or any load you power from a battery.

The 33 ft cable set allows to park in the shade, while the solar panels are anywhere in the sun, either flat on the ground, over the vehicle, tent or trailer. No power loss will occur from accidentally walking, driving or even shooting the Flexopower Atacama 79 solar panel.

    • All in one plug & play camping solar kit
    • Fits easily in a fully packed vehicle
    • User friendly, light weight and powerful
    • No breakages occur from accidentally walking or driving over the panels. Even when punctured, the panels continues to deliver power
    • Kit includes 33 ft cable set for parking in the shade and panels in the sun
    • 79W typically suitable for short stays in the same camp with light to moderate load
    • 2 years manufacturing warranty on solar panels
ApplicationModerate load, 2 – 4 Days in Camp
StrategyPark In Shade, Panel In Sun
Content– 1 X 79 Watt Solar Panels Foldable
– 33 ft Cable Set
– Solar Regulator With LCD Display and Connectors
– Carry Bag
– Anderson Grey Connectors
Rated Output, STC79 Watt
Max. Operating Voltage19.2 V
Operating Current4.1+ A
Dimension Folded11 x 16 x 1.6 in
Dimension Deployed65 x 31 x 0.04 in
Weight6.2 lbs

Additional information

Shipping Weight12 lbs
Shipping Dimensions20 × 14 × 6 in


  • Flexopower Atacama 79W Portable Solar Kit


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