EarthCruiser MOD 300


A durable base shell is ready to take on all four seasons. Every MOD has a base floor plan that includes a cab-over bed, corner storage unit, and an electrical system to power two ceiling lights and 12volt accessories. Now we get to the fun stuff… choose any of the overland travel PAKs that make sense for your backcountry adventure, your weekend away from it all, or your new office with a view. EarthCruiser PAKs plug-and-play in minutes, allowing you to customize on the fly for any adventure.


We will have interior photos, PAK details, and additional information on the full-size MOD 400 soon! Contact us directly to order or ask any additional questions –

Custom Color

Select any custom color or color-match to your vehicle (base color is white)

PAK Options

Select from a range of PAK options to customize the interior of your GZL MOD camper



The EartCruiser MOD features a lightweight, extremely durable, and fully-insulated dual-wall, reinforced fiberglass shell that is gel coated for added durability. The shell can be custom painted any color or left white as standard.

The  MOD camper is the ONLY full camper we recommend for Toyota Tacoma. Why? It simply comes down to weight. The Toyota Tacoma is a light-duty truck with a relatively lightweight c-channel frame, with a payload limit of 1200 lbs. (access cab). That is the total factory-recommended load limit of the truck, which is below the loaded dry weight of every mid-size slide-in camper on the market today…except for the MOD 300.

The EarthCruiser MOD 300 weighs in at 700 lbs. dry (yes, we did weigh it ourselves) and only 840 lbs. fully loaded with all PAKs. On-road your camper’s weight may not be the end of the world but off-road it becomes extraordinarily significant. Pushing the load limit too far in bumpy, rocky, twisting terrain can SEVERELY damage your vehicle and can result in a bent, twisted, or even cracked frame. If you want a camper, and plan to use your Tacoma off-road, the only option is the MOD. Period.


EarthCruiser GZL MOD 300

EarthCruiser GZL MOD 300


  • Earthcruiser GZL MOD Tacoma
  • GZL MOD - Back
  • GZL MOD slide in bed camper
  • GZL lightweight truck camper
  • Earthcruiser GZL MOD Interior
  • Earthcruiser GZL MOD Interior Storage Benches


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