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Cooking in the great outdoors doesn’t have to be a hassle. The Camp Champ Mobile Kitchen makes it easy, taking the concept of the modern chuck box to a whole new level. The body of this cube-shaped solution is made by hand in Austria from boatbuilding plywood, with sapele veneers, okoume plywood inlays, stainless steel connectors and work surface, and galvanized steel handles and corners. Inside the robust box, you’ll find everything you need to cook for and serve up to six people. The Camp Champ even features an integrated knife block, spice rack, and trash bag holder. Included is a rain cover and even a cushion that lets you use it as a seat when you’re finished with your meal.

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Camp Champ Mobile Gourmet Kitchen, as seen on GizMag, UnCrate, DigitalTrends, DailyMail, and scores of other quality sites.

Whats Inside The Box

The Camp Champ comes fully equipt with the some of the best quality items available. Below is an overview of what comes inside the box.


Camp Champ has four high-power burners that each operate at up to 3.85 kW. The exceptionally high cooking pressure ensures reliable operation – even at high altitudes and in strong wind.

The expedition stove has four stovetop ranges that can each accommodate a pot of up to 24 cm in diameter. It is easy to operate and can be controlled with extreme precision. On the practical side, the cooker is not only foldable, but also has knobs that can be pushed in to facilitate transport. When completely collapsed, it is closed on all sides, forming an exceptionally durable aluminum case.

Knives & Forks

One essential element of any elegant, practical outdoor kitchen is an appropriate cutlery basket. Camp Champ E.U. relies on the classy, rustic creations of Carl Merten’s Solingen cutlery factory, founded in 1919. The table set made of stainless steel was developed by the renowned Berlin-based design studio of Robert Kilders. Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand.

The cutlery basket of Camp Champ includes table set for six people and is composed of six forks, six knives, six spoons, and six coffee spoons. The knives are full-steel and gastronomically suitable. Like any silverware from Carl Mertens, it is used for upscale hotels and catering. Although it was specifically designed for outdoor use, it has more than enough class to be used indoors as well. The cutlery’s elegance truly makes it stand out. It harmonizes perfectly with sophisticated porcelain and fine glassware.

The cutlery included with Camp Champ is manufactured exclusively from high-quality stainless steel. The Neocountry design line consists of the most robust and elegant 18/10 stainless steel – an alloy of 72% steel, 18% chromium and 10% nickel. The chromium in the cutlery prevents it from rusting, the nickel makes it acid-resistant and spot-resistant. In addition to being incredibly sturdy, Neocountry boasts exceptional performance characteristics. If for no other reason, that merits mention merely because the cutlery basket was specifically designed for mobile outdoor cooking and therefore is exposed to greater stress during transport and use.

Like all cutlery produced by Carl Mertens, the Neocountry model that is contained in Camp Champ meets the highest standards for functionality, utility, and durability. The addition of chromium and nickel metal oxides create a thin, transparent and firmly adhering protective layer on the steel.



Good cooking equipment starts and stops with a high quality set of knives. Camp Champ is proud to present the PROFESSIONAL “S” knife, which ranks among cutlery of the highest caliber. The knives are distinguished by their resilience, surety in cutting, and exceptional sharpness out of the box.

Nothing does more to ensure a smooth cooking experience than a high-quality set of chef’s knives. J.A. HENCKLES guarantees this quality. The special ice-hardened steel is processed seamlessly. It goes without saying for a knife of this caliber that the blades are forged with the utmost precision. The plastic handle has a classic 3-rivet design.

The special manufacturing process is decisive for the high quality. All J.A. HENCKLES chef’s knives are manufactured using special formula steel and ice-hardening. The perfect balancing of the elements chromium and carbon gives the steel its extraordinary quality. The knives are thus just right for complex cooking activities.

The v-shaped edge creates a blade with extraordinary stability. A 15-degree angle on each side of the blade adds up to a total of angle of 30 degrees that optimizes cutting power and meets the requirements of professional chefs. The acute angle results in a high sharpness out of the box, enabling the steel to glide effortlessly through any material. The TWIN brand raises the bar for chef’s knives considerably.The J.A. HENCKLES knife set is not only functional, but extremely safe. The hand-protective molding of the guard, which marks the transition from the handle of the knife toward the blade, ensures this. The design is not only safe, but also balanced via even weighting. Each chef’s knife receives balance by the handle which has an end-to-end bolster. The classic and typical 3-rivet design has an elegant, professional look.


For mobile cooking, one needs not only gas cookers and other accessories, but above all, dishes. Cups, pitchers, bowls, and plates must be lightweight, durable, and also pleasing to the eye. GIMEX passes this test with flying colors.

Noble porcelain luster, durability, and easy care – such are the qualitative features that set the dishes of GIMEX apart from the crowd. The family company from Bergisch Gladbach has been manufacturing exquisite dishes since 1989 and is known for its quality throughout the world. Special tools for producing melamine tableware and regular testing create the foundation for premium quality. The EU Directives 2002/72 EC (plastic and food) and Regulation EC 1935/2004 are strictly adhered to and ensure safety. In addition, the dishes are TÜV-certified and subject to the EU food safety guidelines.

Melamine excels on many counts: the plastic is extremely lightweight, yet unbreakable, and does not lose its shape. It is tasteless and odorless, freeze-resistant, temperature resistant, recyclable, easy to clean, low-noise, and dishwasher-safe. Its look and feel are reminiscent of porcelain. The only thing for which the dishes are not suitable is use in the microwave. As a rule of thumb: if you do not fall below or exceed or temperatures of -20°C when cooling and 70°C when heating, respectively, you are on the safe side. Hot tea, coffee and baby porridge can all be safely served in melamine tableware.

Kitchen Tools

Whether for roasting, scooping, turning or gripping: Kitchen helpers are indispensable for the experienced cook. If you are traveling with Camp Champ, you can expect only the best in this regard. A look at the equipment proves that in this regard as well, the creators of Camp Champ have given careful thought to every aspect of the product’s design.

The Joseph & Joseph series covers all essential kitchen helpers: spatula, ladle, skimmer, spaghetti server, sauce spoon, spatula, and frying tongs. Each cooking tool is equipped with a heat-resistant silicone handle. Those with nylon heads withstand temperatures of up to 200° C, and those with silicone heads withstand temperatures as great as 270° C. The steel tongs are forged from spotless steel and are easy and intuitive to use.

The Elevate™ kitchen helper series is specifically designed to keep shelves clean when laid down during cooking. The special iron core grip ensures that the part that comes into contact with food projects upward. This eliminates unnecessary cleaning. The Elevate kitchen helpers can be placed in the dishwasher after use.

Camp Champ makes sure that the kitchen helpers you need are always at hand. Every single part is designed to be exactly where it belongs. Safeguards ensure that this order is precisely maintained even during transport. Regardless of whether you are journeying along highways or on bumpy slopes – a secure hold is guaranteed.

Grill Pan

Swiss Diamond stands for first-class cookgear. This griddle raises the bar for portable kitchen equipment. The patented surface coating cooks meat and vegetables in the blink of an eye while exuding a mouth-watering barbecue smell.

Swiss Diamond is based in Sierre, Switzerland and makes its products in its own factory. The griddle is made of cast aluminum that is coated with diamond powder derived exclusively from European sources. Up to 200,000 crystals are used for each griddle. The patented coating, which is applied in three layers, effectively prevents food from sticking during the frying process. The cookware is manufactured in die-casting, enabling it to optimally distribute heat – regardless of whether you are cooking on a gas grill or electric stove.

There is a reason why the cookware with non-stick coating is known as the best on the market. Swiss Diamond sells it around the world – in Australia, New Zealand, America, and elsewhere.

The Swiss Diamond griddle excels on two counts: the smooth surface fries surfaces evenly for a uniform crust and allows the characteristic barbecue flavor to develop.

The grooved area ensures the characteristic grill pattern. Since the pan conducts heat excellently, you should not heat without oil or grease. Sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, coconut oil and palm oil as well as ghee, for example, all work excellently. Depending on the oil used, the optimum cooking temperature is approximately 200°C.
There is a further advantage to the no-stick coating: it prevents food residues from settling and makes cleaning easier. Cleaning should be done only by hand. Food residues can be removed using an ordinary cloth. A soft sponge and mild rinsing agent work best. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents, scrubbing sponges, or hard brushes.


The percolator works according to the principle that has enjoyed great popularity for a number of decades – particularly in the U.S., the leader in outdoor cooking.

It lets you enjoy the coffee or tea of your choice in the great outdoors in the most fastidious manner. The percolator has a volume of 1.5 liters, making it sufficient for brewing up to six cups of coffee or tea at a time. Make sure to carefully rinse the percolator with clean water before the first use.

Compared to a “normal” coffeemaker, the percolator has the advantage of being operable without electricity. It draws all the power it needs from a standard camping-style propane tank.
Not only do you not need electricity to operate the percolator – it also prepares coffee and tea with remarkable economy. Water flows though coffee and tea in the filter basket more slowly than in a traditional coffeemaker, which preserves the flavor. The technology behind the percolator is impeccable: simple, user-friendly, and robust. Clean it according to the included instructions and it will provide you with many years of use and exquisite-tasting coffee and tea.

Cutting Board

The Epicurean cutting board is known and proven. It has a broad groove for catching liquid that keeps the surface dry. This is not only hygienic, but also facilitates rinsing. Another plus: unlike many cutting boards, it is dishwasher-safe.

One thing that is special about the Epicurean cutting board is its materials: only eco-friendly, highly functional materials are used, which is why it was awarded FSC certification. That means that the cutting board is thus more durable than traditional cutting boards, and also extends the life of knives. The surface flexes slightly on pressure, so cutting on it does not dull blades. Both sides of the cutting board can be used.

The Epicurean cutting board is very hygienic, easy to clean, and durable. The material has antibacterial, germ-resistant properties and is temperature-resistant up to 176° C. This means that the cutting board can even be used as a coaster for hot pots. The NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) has awarded its famous seal because of these impressive properties.

The Epicurean cutting board not only scores with its functionality. It also fulfils the highest aesthetic standards. It can easily be integrated into any kitchen without appearing obtrusive or extravagant. This applies equally to designer kitchens and student digs. The cutting board has a minimalist design and ergonomic shape. That is why kitchens of gastronomic excellence trust the Epicurean cutting board and appreciate its functional, eye-pleasing design.



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