ARB Outback Solutions RDRF1355 Drawer/Floor


This Outback Solutions Drawer module measures 53.35″L x 19.88″W x 12.2″H with a roll out top floor. Outback Solutions modules can be installed into any application providing sufficient space and anchorage is present. Unlike other roller drawer systems you are not limited to traditional roller drawer applications. Canopied / covered flat-beds, pickups, covered trailers, SUVs, vans, trucks, buses and sheds are just a few of the applications you might consider. Side floor kits are available for popular vehicles; however they are not mandatory fitment in any application.



ARB Outback Solutions RDRF1355 Features:

  • Modular System: Each module is a single drawer width offering hundreds of configuration options, can be installed as single side by side or staked vertically into SUV’s, Pick-uptruck beds, flat beds, trailers, crew cabs and more.
  • Add or change modules at any time:  Offers flexability when needs change.
  • Self locking anti roll back system on roller drawers & roller floors: This easy to use with no locking pins offers single handed opperation.  Pulling the drawer all the way out to engages the anit roll back mechanism, when engaged it will resist a horizontal closing force of 31 lbs, and to close all it takes is a tap with the palm of your hand.
  • Modern look:  Attractive aluminum edging covers bearings, Hard wearing plastic trim, Commercial U.V. stable carpet made in New Zealand, Drawer and trays lined with automotive carpet.
  • Quiet opperation:  The purpose folded stainless steel drawer runners are more accurate than off the shelf rectangle steel stock whereas galvanized runners cause a rumbling sound as the galvanizing builds up on the bearings.
  • Key lockable Slam Shut drawer handles: Single handed opperation using an outback prooven tried and true handle.
  • Cross folded drawer floor: This recognizable quality feature ensures that the drawer will not bow down under load.
  • Structural ply top: using water resistant glue offers robust durability.
  • Two year warranty
Modules w/ Same Width:
Modules w/ Same Height:Modules that can stack on topModules that can stack on
41.14″L x 21.06″W x 11.02″HRD1045US
NOTE: 53.35″ long modules are 12.20″ high. All other modules are 11.02″ like this one.

Building a Custom Roller Drawer System requires care, but allows you to create a unique solution for your vehicle.  When selecting modules, carefully consider the length, width, height and the compatibility of the modules you intend on putting together. Fitting time will be dependent on the complexity of installation. Allow 1.5 hours per module with good access to the under floor, allow additional time if vehicle components require removal and refit. Be particularly aware of fuel tank location.

The Process:
1. Measure the area available for installation, width, length and height
2. Evaluate the vehicles floor for suitability of mounting, including potential bolt locations and accessibility to the underside floor
3. Using the module complement charts or the module data sheet, choose the desired combination of modules
4. Choose lower modules first
5. Choose stack modules second
6. Consider accessories, floor kits and stack extension panels
7. Review your selection

Double & Multi Modules:


Stacked Modules:

1. Grab Handle Slam Latches – These beautifully engineered lockable Reinforced Nylon Latches are a joy to use and are purpose designed by us to last
a lifetime. Pull to open – Push to close.
2. Purpose Folded Stainless Steel – When the drawer is rolled out slightly, there is absolutely no side to side movement!
3. Attractive aluminum edging covers bearings, Hard wearing plastic trim, Commercial U.V. stable carpet made in New Zealand, Drawer and trays lined with automotive carpet..4.  Anti-rattle side guides stop up against rear bearings.
5. Anti-rattle side guides stop up against rear bearings.6. Anti-rattle side guides ensure drawers track true and lock down under top bearings preventing any movement, rattles or wear.
7. No side to side or up/down movement with the drawer shaken hard. 
 The large internal drawer dimensions
8. Anti-rattle side guides and fridge roller rails lock under top bearings prohibiting any up/ down or side to side movement.
9. Unique safety hand gap avoids unnecessary injury. Imagine this with a heavy load and no safety hand gap!10. Retaining pin to place in hole on side of drawer runner.
11. To retain the Fridge Roller in open position use retaining pin to place in hole on side of Fridge Roller.12. Four (4) Fold Down Anchor Points supplied with Fridge Roller option.


Additional information

Shipping Weight50 lbs
Shipping Dimensions43 × 23 × 13 in


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