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Solar Power Made Easy – Overland Solar portable solar charging systems

Draining your vehicle’s battery at a remote campsite can create an emergency situation very quickly. The question is, what to do? Unless you want to carry a generator and spare fuel to run it, your best option is solar. We often hear a lot of resistance to solar charging systems though because of the complexity and technical nature of the setups. Overland Solar has solved this problem by creating an all-in-one solar charging systems that set up in less than 5 minutes and are so easy even a 4 year old can do it (true – my son helped set up our system this past weekend). Overland Solar portable solar charging systems come with everything you need to maintain your vehicle’s battery while stopped along your route when running your fridge, lighting, or other accessories.

Solar kits come in 26-watt, 60-watt, 90-watt, and 150-watt sizes. Here’s a brief step-by-step tutorial on setting up the Overland Solar 90-watt system. This particular package puts out 5.6 amps at peak efficiency – more than enough to replace the power drawn by a portable refrigerator, LED lighting, etc. Available in our store.

Open the case and remove the folded panels.

Unfold the panels by releasing the two clips on top.

Lower the two supports on the back of the panels and tighten the wing nuts so that the panels sit self-supported at an angle.


If not already on, press the power button to power up the charge controller. Aim panels at the sun (or brightest part of the sky if cloudy).

Connect the long cable with alligator clips on one end to the corresponding terminals on your vehicle’s battery. Red=positive terminal, Black=negative terminal.

Connect the power cable coming from the charge controller on back of the panel to the longer cable now connected to your vehicle’s battery.

Grab a beer – you’re done! Your vehicle’s battery is now being charged by the sun. The built-in charge controller on the back of the panels will monitor and deliver the right amount of power to recharge and maintain your battery.

For more info or to purchase an Overland Solar charging system visit our store.

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