Here at Trekboxx, we are passionate about the safety and convenience that our systems bring.  Instead of worrying about gear stacked loosely to the roof, wondering at each braking whether something will slide forward into the passenger area, you can drive assured that all your gear is secured.  The combination of drawers, shelves, and wing compartments allows you to organize in a way that suits your needs.  The heavy duty drawer slides let you load the drawers with plenty of weight without sacrificing ease.  Additionally, the Richlite work surface makes for a quick lunch break without having to unpack a thing.

Each Trekboxx system is handmade right here in California.  All hardware is sourced from US vendors, using only the finest components available.  We don’t cut corners, period.  I wanted a system I could be proud of and could depend on. Now we want you to have a product that you love, so we’ll be here with you from start to finish to ensure you are more than satisfied.

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