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Kodiak Canvas

Kodiak Canvas tent company was born in the rugged Rockies. In the ten years since the company was founded, they have quickly earned a reputation for making some of the finest tents available.

Reliable: Whether you are deep in the backcountry, or close to home, we make a tent that you can rely on to protect you from the elements.
Comfortable: Being able to stand up when you put your pants on is one of the comforts our tents offer. You shouldn’t have to crawl into a tent on all fours either. Our Hydra-Shied™ canvas breathes, minimizing mugginess, and making your tent a more comfortable place to be.
Sturdy: Be it strong wind, driving rain, or even snow, our tents will hold up to it. It’s not uncommon for us to get fan mail from our customers telling about a storm that ripped through camp, and their Kodiak Canvas tent was the only tent left standing.
Made Right: We use quality, top-of-the-line materials and components. We do not cut corners.
Made to Last: When properly cared for, one can expect a Kodiak Canvas tent to far outlive any other tent out there.

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