Exped Tents

Innovation, quality and attention to detail surround the user of an Exped tent – literally. And we have a tent for every need. Wherever in the world it will be used.


Freestanding and spacious: Most models are either freestanding or require just a few stakes to ensure that the tent is not carried off by wind.

Strong and weatherproof: bomb-proof shelters created by combining wind shedding designs with strategically placed dual guy points on each sleeve.

No-See-Um panels on the canopy doors adjust from inside the tent to control ventilation.

Plenty of space: unique Exped designs maximize usable interior space with steep side walls and large, protected vestibules.

Excellent ventilation: even in rainy conditions, condensation is kept to a minimum by large opposed vents.

Integrity: Keep it simple and reduce weight – care is taken to use simple,  proven designs and hardware.

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