Olymnpic National Park

Olympic National Park exploring

I always love going back to Olympic National Park to camp, it seems like every time is a unique experience. Each time I return, I make it a goal to drive forest roads I haven’t yet seen, which usually results in finding new camping spots.


This was the last camping trip in my jeep, so I wanted to make it count. I started my trip at the Hoh Oxbow free campground, and It was no surprise the campground was extremely full. Usually when I make a trip to the coast I have some privacy, but coming here in summer can feel like Disneyland at times. I set up camp for the night in a parking spot, which is a nice option to have with the tent being on the roof of my car.

Olympic Penninsula Surfing

My next day was a little more spontaneous as I decided to scout the forest roads in search for a more private camping spot. I made stops at Kalaloch Beach and Third Beach on the way, checking out the surfers struggling to find a good summer swell. Just before the Hoh Rainforest turn off, a forest road begins. I easily recognized this forest road from previous Instagram photos I’ve seen, everyone has only photographed the same stretch of road. I decided to drive this road deeper, and for about an hour or so It didn’t come to an end. I came upon a small lookout, and decided to set up camp. I put my Cook Partner stove to use, and utilized it’s power by making some percolator coffee.

Partner Steel Camp Stove

Going forward my new adventures will be in my new Toyota 4runner. It was a great rig, but as my adventure ambitions grew I found that I was limited by my Jeep Patriot. I’m excited to not be held back anymore in off road situations. I haven’t yet figured out exactly how I want to outfit my new truck, but after some long upcoming road trips I will be making some decisions on how I want to customize it. Either way I can’t wait to take it back to the coast and tackle the roads I couldn’t drive in my jeep.

James Baroud Discovery Space rooftop tent

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