Mount Baker Climb

After being gone in Spain for a couple weeks, I was dying to get back out and camp again. I ignored my jet lag and set out towards Mt. Baker for my first camping trip after transitioning to a full time photographer. I had previously been loading UPS trucks at 3am for the past three and a half years, so this was a big change.


Although Mt. Baker has been in my backyard my whole life, there is still lots left to explore. Not knowing where I was going to camp, I spent the day driving up random forest roads. Even with the bad snow season, most roads still had snow at higher elevations making the tops still unreachable. Even the more heavy duty off road vehicles couldn’t climb their way through the snow. I knew my Jeep Patriot wouldn’t stand a chance after watching a Wrangler try and then fail.


After exploring a good portion of the day, I made my way back down the Mt. Baker highway. I had forgot the fact that it was memorial day weekend, a very popular camping weekend. I pulled into the first campground I saw, Douglas Fir campground, right along the Nooksack river. Even though the campsite was just about filled to capacity, the thick trees added just enough privacy. With the sound of the river, It also tuned out noise from other campsites nearby. When I arrived, I was a little worried about running the fridge after my car battery was off for a couple weeks, but It ran and started no problem. The jet lag then sank in and I fell asleep at around 6pm, making it one of my shorter excursions.


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