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Have You Seen Ronny Dahl’s Review of the X Jack?

Have you guys checked out Ronny Dahl’s latest video on the pros and cons on the Highlift jack vs Bottle jack vs Exhaust jack? If you haven’t yet, it’s a very helpful guide comparing the benefits of each system, and which terrain each jack works best.


Below is the link to check it out yourself!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are full of inclement terrain such as mud, water, and sand. In all conditions, safety is crucial to recovery, and at Adventure Ready, we want to make sure you are prepared for anything.


In lieu of his findings, we are happy to announce that we have multiple “X Jacks” in stock now! The X Jack packs down small, and its slim profile can get you out of almost any situation! If you’re interested in ordering, give us a call for special holiday pricing!


The Exhaust Jack Pros:

  • Great in any terrain because of the slim profile
  • less labor intensive as the car does all the work itself
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