Camano Island Adventure

Camano Island

After a day exploring Mt. Baker with one of my favorite photographers and biggest inspirations, Alex Strohl, I set out to Camano Island to look for a campsite. Camano Island and Cama beach has always been in my head as a place I wanted to explore and I finally had some time to make it happen.


I arrived at Cama Beach around 5pm and set out for a campsite. I’m very picky as to which campsite I choose. Once I find the perfect spot, I always try to situate my car around so I have the best view from the rooftop tent. It’s fun having control over what view you will see while being in the tent, it’s always a new experience. Now that the weather has warmed up, It’s also great being able to open the doors on the tent. My girlfriend arrived soon after with her dog, this was also a new experience for me having a dog in the tent. Even at first glance I would recommend Cama Beach and Camano Island to everyone, it’s nice being situated in a dense forest while still being feet from the ocean.


With the nice weather, I carried the Zarges case and the Cook Partner stove down to the beach to make some dinner. I always get so many looks and questions while using this equipment, I feel like the king of every campsite. It still blows my mind how well the stove works, It’s nice having control over what I cook as opposed to the typical camping stove that just blasts the food with heat.


It has been a great 5 months with the equipment from Uncommon Adventure. I’m definitely grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this sponsorship, my life has changed and I honestly can’t imagine not camping at least a couple times a week now. This sponsorship has allowed my exploration and photography reach a new level and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality of gear I had the privilege of using.

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