Baker Lake Hot Springs

After hearing a local rumor of hot springs hidden deep in the woods near Baker Lake off of highway 20, we had to go see for ourselves. The directions we found online were vague, but we knew we could get close.

We began driving from Bellingham. We made a quick stop at the store to get food we could cook on the portable stove for later. It’s always a nice thought not having to hold back when purchasing food, knowing I have the powerful portable fridge/freezer to keep it all cool.

Dylan Furst - Baker Lake Hotsprings

The directions we found online led us on to a forest road, at which point we had lost cell reception so we had to measure the distances by GPS. The road was bumpy and I barely had enough clearance to clear some of the pot holes that covered the road. After driving for about a half hour on this road we reached an overlook just below the snow line, you could see Baker Lake in the distance. It was at this point we realized we probably went too far as we were about to be denied by the snow pack. We then turned around and headed back down, taking an unmarked forest road we had passed by before.

Finally we reached dead end with a make shift parking lot, just like the directions said. We walked a short trail and reached the hot spring. The water was as warm as a hot tub, a little dirty but way too good to pass up. We had about a half hour to ourselves until a couple other groups showed up, there’s definitely not room for more than a few people so we decided to pass the hot springs along and begin cooking our meal. I definitely recommend this as a weekend getaway, it’s camping friendly and a perfect spot to pop the tent for a night or two.


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  1. Dylan March 13, 2022 at 5:13 pm #

    What time of year did you go? Wondering if the road is passable in late March.

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