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A Life Alive – The Yukon (part IV)

Earlier this year we embarked on a great Alaskan journey. We’d been in Alaska for over two months and as much as I hated it, it was time to leave. A trip that was supposed to be two months long total had turned into seven, and more than triple the miles. My travelling partner Garrett has flown out of Anchorage several weeks before so I asked another good friend to fly up and join me for the trip back down to the states. After arriving in Anchorage, Jordann and I headed for the town of Tok and camped right at the Alaska-Canada border. I’d come up this way earlier in the year and although I knew the route I have to admit that it felt a little intimidating crossing this border again to begin the long trek home.

Forrest Mankins - A Life Alive Alaska Grizzly bear in the Yukon Territory

The second night we camped at a spot along the Twkhini River in Yukon Territory. This is a place I’d stayed on the way up two months before and had really looked forward to seeing the place again. At this time of year the sun wasn’t setting until near midnight each night, and even then it never really got dark at “night”. But with the heavy fabric of the ARB rooftop tent, once we zipped everything up we were able to get some rest in the cozy darkness.

Forrest-4-3_web Forrest Mankins - ARB Rooftop Tent

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