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A Life Alive – Alaska Under Our Belts (part III)

With the experience of a month of camping in Alaska we were finally getting towards the start of the warm season. Alaska is amazing, and might just be the greatest place in America – the expanse and general feeling of awe is indescribable.

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Our days have typically begun with coffee and a steaming bowl of oatmeal to shed the night’s frost, along with a little time to bask in the sun and revive our souls. After that it was time to go – Garrett would put up the dishes while I folded up the tent while the truck warmed up. Then we were off. We had a regular itinerary of “things we have to see next” which kept us traveling (at least a little bit) every day. We also met some amazing new people along with way, including fellow Instagram photographer Bex Farleigh (@youngbex).

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We camped at unmarked pullouts, state campgrounds, down incredible 4×4 trails, along frozen creek beds, and everywhere in between. On occasion the Aurora Borealis would put on an incredible show for us and we’d stay out late watching the sky and forgetting the cold. There is no place like Alaska.

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